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Situation in other countries

The Government in Spain has set the figure now a 500,000 identical to Portugal.

Countries like Portugal have already made some changes in this regard. Last September, the Portuguese Government changed the current regulation to facilitate the granting of a temporary permit of residence to those foreign citizens investing in the country during a period of at least five years.
In order to benefit from this law, interested people must start up a business in Portugal and comply with one of these three requirements: to buy properties over 500.000 euros, to create at least 30 job offers or to make a capital transfer of more than one million euro.
In Ireland, the so- called Foreign Investor 's Program, offers permit of residence up to five years, including a renewal option, to those entrepreneur s (and family ) who submit a business plan with an investment between 500.000 and two million euro that may also include , for instance, donations to charity projects.
Residence can also be obtained with "a mix investment" of a minimum amount of half a million euro divided in the purchase of properties (500.000 euro) and in a certain type of debt (other 500.000 euro)
The investor and his/her family, along with the businesses will be able to benefit from the laws of the country where they are not obliged to live, although they must go to Ireland , at least, once a year.
A point-based system of immigration grants a privilege to people who arrive in the country with a visa under the category of "investors". To be part of this category, at least 1 million of pounds (1, 24 million euro) to invest are necessary. Investors must reside in the country for a long period, (from 2 to 5 years) before they are allowed to ask for the permanent residence. Nevertheless, this period may vary depending on the capital available.
They must invest at least 750.000 pounds (932.000 euro) in Government bonds or companies (not owned by them) during the first next three months of their arrival and they don't need to speak English to ask for the residence or, and ultimately, for the citizenship.
In France, residence can be granted to foreigners in the case they supply "an exceptional economic contribution" personally or through a company managed by them. Residence is also granted when they own at least 30% of its capital, or when they can offer or save at least 50 jobs.
Another option is to engage to invest at least 10 million of euro in France, even though authorities can have the power to decide when to grant residence to foreigners having made an exceptional economic contribution.
In Italy, residence is granted as soon as someone gets an employment contract, for studying or religious purposes, or political refuge. Residence permit can also be granted for family reunification purposes, to the partner, or to under-aged and legal age children who prove not to be economically independent.

In Germany, the residence permit is granted for studying, working or family reunification purposes regarding a German or foreign citizen with legal right to reside in the German territory.
Similarly, self-employed workers can be granted with the permit of residence if it exits a general economic interest or a regional requirement or if their economic activity is going to be positive for the economy, or even when financing is guaranteed.
United States
To be a north-American citizen is not free either: The Senate examines to grant the residence permit to those people buying a house of more than 390.000 euro.
In the Dominican republic it is possible to obtain residency and access to 40 countries for an investment of only 200,000 USD.  Residency Spain has a special relationship with a compnay that can provide the best investment property and secure residency for you. contact us for further information. 


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